Extra credit can only be done after all other assignments and quizzes have been turned in. Remember, it's easier to finish assignments in class than to bother with extra credit!

English 10

Recite The Gettysburg Address to me using only the first letter of each word. 25 points.
Recite The Gettysburg Address using my illustration. 50 points.

Read the article called Coaxing the Muse.
Click here.
Write a one-page response to it. Summarize the article and tell me your thoughts. 50 points possible.

Watch a modern interpretation of a Shakespeare play (a movie) and write a one-page review of it. You will be graded on how you write the review, not on how well you watched the movie. If you aren't familiar with the original Shakespeare play, watch it before you watch the "modern interpretation" movie. Compare the two in your review. THIS CANNOT BE DONE IN ONE SITTING. PLAN ACCORDINGLY. 50 points possible.

Here is a link to some possible films:
Be advised, some have graphic content, so pay attention to the rating.

Do another oral book report, just like the ones we've done in class. You can use a book you've read in the past. You may present it live, in person, to the class, or make a PowerPoint Presentation, or make a video. You will be graded with the same rubric as the regular book report. 50 points possible.


Show & Tell - Bring an item hidden in a bag for show and tell. Describe it to the class in Japanese. Allow the class to guess what it is. 20 points possible.